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airclear 880M

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Live Pure

Maintain effortless and healthy breathing with the New Purlife Air Purifier


The Preferred Air Purifier company used by major Child Care Centers in Singapore ! 

Home and Office Air Purifier Specialist in Singapore


Purlife is dedicated to providing a clean air solution with the best air purifier in Singapore. Cleanliness and freshness are at the heart of what we do. We believe that health and happiness are vital to our lives, and that clean air is conducive to that experience. Hence, we strive to optimize our consumers’ lifestyles by and solve some of the world's greatest problems with indoor air pollution by providing clean and safe air through our air purifiers in Singapore. 

In reality, the air we breathe has a lot to do with our moods and dispositions. It can be observed when we go out of town to unwind. The fresh air of provinces and beaches make us feel comfortable and relaxed. The air that is free of pollution and germs is good for our mental and physical health. However, we cannot stay in our travel destinations for too long. Thus, we need to make our homes and offices in the city, a place where the air is pure and safe. We offer both residential and office air purifiers in Singapore for our valued customers.


Our air cleaning, filtering, and purifying gadgets and services are the ways Purlife can help you achieve this. Need someone to look after your air conditioner? We provide cleaning and maintenance services for air conditioning units at affordable prices. Looking for the best air purifiers in Singapore? We provide a selection of home, office, and car purifiers for you to choose from. Browse our shop or see our services to see products like air filters and more now.

You don’t think about it much, but your breath is your connection to life.

Purlife airclear 880M  air purifier ensures that the air you breathe at home is clean by filtering out a large number of airborne viruses and bacteria. This gives you clean air within your own four walls.

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