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360° Air Intake 

What makes for a good home or working environment? There are many factors that can make or break it, but when it comes to health and wellness, you shouldn't skimp out on expenditures. Comfort, also, is key. We all know your home or workplace can heavily affect you, your family, your employees, and other individuals. One must remember to take measures into transforming your spaces into something, well, livable. Purlife Company Pte. Ltd. can help make a difference when it comes to making wonderful work and home environments. How can we help you? Simple. We're a company dedicated to enriching the quality of air in your indoor spaces with aircon servicing, aircon maintenance, and air purifiers. We want to give you a breath of fresh air right in the heart of urban living. With our products and services, we're here to make sure you can enjoy your time in homes, offices, shops and more with cool, refreshing, clear and clean air. Singapore is a highly urbanized country in Southeast Asia. That means that 1) air conditioning and other forms of cooling off will be very familiar to you, as Singapore is a tropical country, and 2) because of the higher emissions that cities experience, you'll be more at risk of being exposed to more polluted air. This is the perfect cocktail that makes the average Singaporean resident quite dependent on devices for air conditioning and air purifying. Purlife Company Pte Ltd. is an expert on air conditioners. We are an aircon servicing company in Singapore that deals with the regular maintenance of your aircon. We encourage you to regularly maintain your air conditioners to ensure its long life. Contact us for our indoor air quality specialists. Purlife also deals with air purifiers. Get the best air purifiers in Singapore today with our leasing services, or avail of our air purifier maintenance services to keep yours running smoothly.


You don't just get cooler, crisper, cleaner air in Singapore without some useful air quality and control devices to help you out. Your air conditioners and air purifiers are essential to maintaining the quality of air in your indoor spaces.


With the advancement of technology, you have a diverse range of choices when it comes to aircon and air purifiers. So where do you start? Fortunately, Purlife Company Pte. Ltd. provides many products to help you maintain quality air. Browse our list of products to see air purifiers for your home and car to keep you healthy.


Already have an air conditioner or an air purifier? Your work doesn't end with buying and installing one. Every self-respecting homeowner knows that air devices have a limited lifespan, but you can extend its longevity by learning how to care for it properly so it doesn't break down. You can do this via maintenance services. Before you let your device or equipment break down to the point of it needing repairs, you can choose to have it serviced regularly to avoid this problem. Purlife Company Pte. Ltd. can help you out! We provide many services to help you maintain quality air.


Aircon Services

Specs for Air Purifier of airclear 360-3

Air Purifier Maintenance

At Purlife, we believe that health and happiness are vital to our lives. Hence, we strive to optimise our consumers’ lifestyles by providing a clean, living environment through the quality of our air.

  • Are there any delivery fees?
    Orders above 80.00 comes with a free delivery to one location in Singapore. Delivery is $10.00 for orders below $80.00.
  • When my will order be delivered
    Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you by SMS within 1 day to arrange for a delivery date and time.
  • How many days in advance of my preffered delivery date do I need to placed my order?
    Place your order at least 3 working days on your preffered delivery date.


Who in Singapore doesn't benefit from cooler, cleaner air? Being a tropical country that is highly urbanized means that Singapore is highly reliant on devices that regulate and control air quality in our indoor spaces. That's why we must ensure that we get only the best air conditioning and air purifying products, and ensure that our money doesn't go to waste when we buy them by maintaining them regularly. Purlife Company Pte. Ltd. provides services to help you maintain quality air. Unconvinced about what we can offer? Read all about what our clients have to say regarding our leasing and maintenance services here.

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