At Purlife, we strongly recommend regular servicing of your air purifier to ensure that the quality of your air is never compromised.

The essential part of air purifiers is the filter. Over time and usage, filters become blocked with debris, dirt and other particles. Even if your purifier is unused, once opened, dust and dirt from surrounding air will accumulate and cling onto the filters. The filter then cannot clean the air as effectively. If left unserviced, the purifier may even end up blowing out the dust and pollutants clinging onto the filters. Blocked filters also create resistance to air flow through the unit. The blockage strains the purifier system and the unit now has to work harder. This can cause overheating leading to a short circuit. In the worstcase scenario, the unit may even catch fire as some people leave it on continuously as they leave for work. Regular cleaning and/or replacing the filter can save you up to 5-15% on your annual power bill. It lengthens the life span of your purifier by at least 5-10 years (sometimes even a lifetime) and keep your unit operating at maximum efficiency with minimal repairs. Only then can you be completely assured of good quality clean air and elimination of allergies cause by air pollutants for you and your loved ones. Contact Purlife at 6702 0306 for a quick, hassle free consultation on maintenance of your unit!

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