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At Purlife, we recommend encourage all consumers to regularly maintain their air conditioners to ensure a long lifespan of the unit.

Recommended Servicing Schedule of Air Conditioners:

Daily Usage = Monthly

Once a week = 3 Months

How does GiftAMeal work?

GiftAMeal helps provide a meal to someone in need every time a user takes a picture at a partner restaurant. Restaurants pay a monthly fee of $49-$149 per month be on the app. With each photo taken on the app, GiftAMeal donates 11-23 cents to a local food bank, a cost set by the food bank that funds the distribution of 1 meal (1.2 pounds of meat, produce, and canned goods) to a neighborhood pantry where those in need can access the food. That distribution cost includes the refrigeration, transportation, and labor costs for getting the food to those that need it.

Why do restaurants join GiftAMeal?

Restaurants join GiftAMeal to give back as well as receive promotional benefits. Restaurants that join GiftAMeal want to connect with our users to get new customers and to create a positive experience for all their current customers to increase loyalty.

What's the GiftAMeal team like?

GiftAMeal is a startup founded in St. Louis by a Washington University graduate. The GiftAMeal team currently has 5 core team members and works out of Cortex in the Central West End.

Where is GiftAMeal at now?

Over 360,000 meals have been provided to those in need, over 175 restaurants have joined, and over 30,000 people have downloaded the app.

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