At Purlife, we recommend encourage all consumers to regularly maintain their air conditioners to ensure a long lifespan of the unit.

Recommended Servicing Schedule of Air Conditioners:

Daily Usage = Monthly

Once a week = 3 Months

Why must I maintain my air conditioners?  It's so troublesome!

At Purlife, we understand that appliance maintenance can be troublesome to schedule in between work and family. Taking this into consideration, Purlife has designed a fuss free maintenance programme for our consumers. For a small fee, servicing of air conditioners will be done by our trained technician. We will call our customers 1 week AND a day before actual servicing to confirm appointments. We design our programmes to fit YOU! Let us explain more A machine is still a machine. With proper care, we can successfully eliminate risks of premature failure as well as prolong the lifespan of your units. Changing entire units can be both costly and a huge waste of time. Regular servicing ensures that airflow and temperature is consistent.

​How do you tell when your air conditioners need servicing?

- Inadequate Cooling - Leaking - Excessive Usage Inadequate Cooling: It's as simple as it sounds. If you turn on your air conditioner, and it doesn't cool your room as quick as it does the first time you bought it, it is time to service your unit. While there is always the possibility that your thermostat reading is inaccurate, it is more likely that the system is experiencing some sort of problem. Instead of trying to waste time troubleshooting, do schedule in an appointment with us at 6702 0306 get a quick and simple check done. Leaking: Leaking air conditioners may mean that the system is clogged. This will escalate into other problems, such as damage to your walls or floors. Leaky air conditioners are easy to fix, so instead of spending a bomb on wall and flooring repairs, regular servicing will ensure the root problem is eliminated completely. Excessive Usage: Many people turn on and off their air conditioners frequently, thinking that it will save electricity costs. This is a misconception due to the older models of the air conditioner units. Current air conditioners use lesser electricity and power when it is left on, because it only regulates the temperature when it needs to. For example, if your unit is set at 24 degrees celsius, the air conditioner will be on power saving mode once the temperature reaches its settings. Only when the room starts getting hot will the air conditioner reactivate itself to regulate the temperature again. Turning on and off the air conditioners too frequently will increase the risks of the system short circuiting due to excessive rebooting. This increases the wear and tear and shortens the lifespan of your unit, which equivates to repair costs from certified professionals. For prolonged lifespan of your air conditioners, contact a certified air conditioning service professional such as Purlife, to work out a regular service schedule.

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