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Indoor Air Purifier for a Safer Workplace in Singapore

It’s important to keep your employees safe at work and protect their health.

Healthy workers are happier and more productive. Plus they help to keep your business running efficiently, which ultimately increases your bottom line.

That being said, most people think that work place safety only applies to factories or industrial workplaces.

People who work in offices are also at risk of workplace dangers.

Just because you’re sitting at a desk it doesn’t mean that health and safety shouldn’t be a concern. And believe it or not, offices have been found to be far more unhealthy than factories.

One of the easiest ways to keep your office safe is to improve your air quality.

Air quality in your office can have a serious effect on employees.

Haze and smog have been proven to reduce productivity and cognitive abilities. And just because you’re indoors, doesn’t mean you’re protected from pollution outside.

There are also impurities inside the office. Fumes given off by copiers and paint, printer toner and paper dust are all harmful.

And there are other dangers as well.

Radon, which is a cancer causing radioactive gas found naturally in soil and rocks, can seep into water and air. Plus there is mould and fungus which can trigger allergic reactions.

All of these things affect the air purity in your office and can make your staff tired, unproductive and sick. And this is also why office workers are more likely to suffer from chronic respiratory and cold symptoms and infections.

But with a Purlife indoor air purifier you can remove all air impurities and keep workers healthy and productive.

Our products use state of the art 3M filters, which are able to remove 100% of particles, gases and vapours in the air. They consume very little power and come with excellent after sales service and half-yearly check-ups. Plus one filter can clean an entire office.

Keep your air clean and staff happy with a Purlife air filter. Tell your supervisor, office manager or human resources personal about our filters and they can help.

Remember, it’s important to take care of your employees health and safety while at work.

Air impurities are the invisible enemy which sap efficiency and productivity.

And when it comes to health and safety, prevention is better than cure. Be prepared and avoid workplace hazards with a Purlife air filter.

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