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5 great benefits of using air purifier in Singapore

Air plays a huge role in your health and happiness.

If the air you breathe is bad you’re going to feel bad. And but don’t think that just because you’re indoors you’re protected from polluted air.

Even the cleanest air can be filled with microscopic particles which can harm your health.

While you may think the air inside your home is cleaner than outside, studies have shown that it often isn’t.

(And yes, you can vacuum more often but this doesn’t always remove all of the particles.)

Which why it’s a good idea to buy air purifier in Singapore.

An indoor air purifier will keep your air clean and also make life easier for asthma and allergy suffers.

Plus it’s a good idea to get one if you live with smokers or pets.

But what type of filter should you get?

There are many different types of filters but the one you want is called a HEPA filter.

These filters can remove about 99.99% of particles in the air. Not only that, they are rated as the world’s best filters, and are approved by Doctors for people who have problems with asthma and allergies.

A HEPA filter can effectively remove all odours, smoke, dust, pet dander and almost all other pollutants present in the air.

Plus they can get rid of other common pollutants such as dust mite allergens, plant spores, bacteria, fungi, mould and pollen.

Another reason why it’s useful to have a filter is because it can kill mosquitos and other small insects (And saves you the trouble of having to use bug spray.)

In addition to this, what really makes these filters special, is the fact that they can also remove VOC’s. This stands for volatile organic compounds which are extremely harmful gases that have been linked to leukaemia and lymphoma.

Finally, a HEPA filter can improve air circulation and help you stay alert and awake.

But the biggest benefit of owning an air filter in Singapore is the way it makes you feel. You see, clean air affects your mood, and when the filter is on you’ll notice that feel better and less stressed out. And because of this you will sleep better as well.

Ultimately an indoor air purifier helps to create a more pleasant living environment.

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