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Where to place a home air purifier in Singapore

Want to get maximum value for money from your air purifier?

Then it’s important to learn how to place it properly.

To do this, start by thinking about which room will benefit the most from the air purifier. If your unit is big enough to handle the entire house, put it in front of the intake for your AC.

This will clean the air going into your AC system and circulate it through the house.

(Just make sure to keep your AC system and air purifier clean, call us at 6702 0306 for Air Filter and Aircon Servicing inquiries in Singapore)

If you’re concerned about tripping place it in the corner.

Or if you live with a smoker, you can place it behind the sofa or where the smokers in your household congregate.

Another good place is in front of your door.

In this case it will act like a type of shield and protect you against particles coming in from outside.

(This idea is especially useful for people who suffer from asthma.)

Another good placement is in your bedroom.

Leaving the purifier in your bedroom all day will also do wonders for people with allergies.

Simply place the air purifier about 6-10 feet from the head of your bed, with the outflow pointed towards you.

Many people use air purifiers in their kitchen or bathroom.

These two rooms produce the most odours and bacteria and the purifier will help with both.

Ultimately, where the Home air purifier to be placed in Singapore depends on your specific needs.

- If you have babies or small children place indoor air purifier in their room. This will protect their health and help them sleep better.

- If you have pets put it in the room where your pets hang out. This will help to cut down on pet dander and prevent allergies.

- If you have health, allergy or sinus problems put it in your room.

- And if you live with smokers, place it in the living room.

The best idea is to put it in the room where you spend most of your time (Or the room where you air is the worst.)

Also try to keep the purifier in an area which gets good airflow (Just remember that indoor air purifier systems are most efficient when all your doors and windows are shut.

Finally, avoid placing it near other small electronics.

Indoor Air purifiers work on a different wavelength to your TV’s, microwaves, stereo equipment etc. and will cause interference with these items.

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